Caring for Your KINOI Bubble Tea Cups


  • KINOI Bamboo Glass Cups are made from push down wooden lids with silicone lining and Borosilicate glass base. We are trying to go completely plastic free, but this means that caring for your Bamboo cups will be more fussy.
  • While Borosilicate Glass is more resistant to thermal shock than tempered or standard glass, under sufficiently extreme temperature changes it can still break! In comparison to tempered glass, it is more likely to break if you drop it.
  • Our wooden lids have a coating to minimise the expansion of wood when damp or temperature change (thermal expansion and contraction) but this does not mean you can soak the lid in the sink or put it in the dishwasher! If your wooden lids becomes too damp or too hot from the dishwasher, the wooden lid can expand and as a result, the fitting to the glass base might be tighter and can cause breakage.

Washing Instructions

  • Wooden Lid - quick rise, or preferably wipe and then immediate dry (wood has high thermal expansion & contraction)
  • Borosilicate Glass - hand wash with cold soapy water or use dishwasher using cold water (sudden temperature changes can cause a break or shock)


  • The KINOI Classic Collection cups are similar material to your Mason Jar glass. They made from strong standard glass but can still break if you are not careful.
  • The lid is made out of Hard Plastic that is BPA Free. Because it is made out of plastic, it will not change shape due to temperature changes, so you can wash via dishwasher
  • While the actual glass and lid are dishwasher safe, we still recommend handwash because our logo prints is not of high quality

Washing Instructions

  • Clean your cup and lid after each use using cold soapy water and a sponge/cloth/bottle brush, or dishwasher using cold water.


Washing Instructions

    • Straw - use the straw cleaner and rinse with clean water. After wash, dry immediately. Please note we have found that Stainless Steel straw colours (e.g. rainbow, purple, blue) can still rust if not cared for properly.



    Washing Instructions

    • Tote Bag - pop it into the washing machine on a cold wash with mild soap.



    • Please do not use steel wool or an abrasive surface to clean the cups. They will get damaged! 
    • Stainless steel and glass straws are not microwavable.