FAQs for Bamboo Cups

  • Why is the straw so short? The straws in the photos are 21.5cm (the standard plastic bbt straw length) but don't worry! We have ordered 24.5cm stainless steel straws
  • When will my order be shipped if I order now? 29.10.20 will be our ship out date! This is because we are experiencing delays in getting our customised 24.5cm straw stock due to COVID-19. Expected to arrive 27.10.20.
  • Do you have enough stock for everyone? We are not sure what the demand will be like but we want feedback first before we order the next batch!
  • What's better in Bamboo than Classic Collection? 1) The glass cup is borosilicate, so therefore this means the glass is completely smooth! 2) The lid is a push down with silicone lining, minimising splash 3) Makes your delicious boba look super good
  • What are the downsides in comparison to Classic Collection? 1) No seal proof tin lid (cup focuses on on-the-go drinking pleasure) 2) Not heat proof