The Bubble Tea Waste Problem: How bad is it?

Let's all just admit it...we're guilty of being addicted to bubble tea! But what many of us boba addicts don't realise is the impact of your choice of single use plastic on the beautiful world that we live in. 

I'll put this in perspective for you. City Journal found that in Melbourne, in 30 minutes of one afternoon, a bubble tea store served 48 plastic cups. A coffee shop only served 18 plastic cups in the same time! Insane, right?!  You would think a coffee shop would serve way more plastic cups with all the Melbournian coffee enthusiasts out there!

So this means a bubble tea store produced 11 plastic cups in the first 5 minutes - That's OVER HALF of the coffee shop's plastic usage in 1/6 of the time! I'll let that sink in...

One of the reasons behind this gap is the fact that bubble tea drinks can be made at a faster rate than coffees so they are churning out drinks a lot quicker. On top of that, we can safety say there's a lot of us #bbtaddicts out there...

What saddens me is that a whopping 95% of plastic is being thrown out after one use, and we all know that plastic is non-biodegradable, taking up to THOUSANDS of years to decompose.

So where does it end up? In landfill, where it's burned to produce horrible greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming, or in the ocean, choking all our precious sea life, killing them horrifically! That fact alone is more than enough for me to always opt for a reusable bubble tea cup, straw and carry bag whenever my cravings hit. 

Let's be stylish and sustainable together! Our only earth is too insanely beautiful and amazing to carelessly destroy with a simple habit like single use bubble tea cups. It's SO easy to make that lifestyle change so let's all do it while we still can! 


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