KINOI teaches you how to be more 'eco-friendly' with a disposable bbt cup

Although the most ideal situation is for bubble tea drinkers to bring a KINOI Bubble Tea Cup or protein shaker bottle to the bubble tea shop, COVID-19 has unfortunately resulted a lot of bubble tea shops banning reusable cups for hygiene purposes.

So, what are some things you can do to be more environmentally conscious when you have a disposable bubble tea cup in your hand?

KINOI has listed three things you can do:

1. Use your Reusable Bubble Tea Straw

Just because you cannot bring your bubble tea cup, doesn't mean a stylish straw is banned. You can certainly use a stainless steel or glass bubble tea straw - which means that is one less disposable straw going into landfill!

KINOI sells Stainless Steel Straw & Bag Kits ($10) or Glass Straw & Bag Kit ($12). For stainless steel straws, we have SEVEN colours: Rose Gold, Gold, Black, Rainbow, Blue, Purple and Silver

2. Disposable Plastic Cup is BETTER than Paper Cup

There is false information going around that paper cups are more "environmentally friendly" than disposable plastic cups. This is FALSE. Disposable plastic cups are better because you can RECYCLE them.

Paper cups are NOT recyclable because the combination of paper and a plastic lining makes it hard for machines to recycle them. Think about it: grab your thicket cardboard and pour water over it. It will still get soaked. So therefore, there is no way paper cups have no wax or plastic lining.

So when you get your bubble tea drink, ASK for the plastic option and do not fall into the trap of getting a paper cup to be more "eco friendly". You got this!

Disposable plastic cups > Paper Cups

3. Recycle your plastic disposable cup

Now that you have chosen the right disposable cup, ensure you either A) throw it into the a public recycling bin after drinking all the bubble tea, or B) bring it home to your own recycling bin.

Some people end up even keep these plastic cups as pencil holders or flower pots, just because some bubble tea shops sell top quality disposable cups.

It's all about trying to create a circular economy: if you buy something, ensure it is put into the right bin so someone else can use the material to recreate something else.

Thank you for joining KINOI to #getbbtplasticfree

You are the best

Lots of Love


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