KINOI is changing the reusable bbt cup game with MATTE PASTEL LIDS

KINOI will be introducing Matte Pastel Lids, a limited edition feature of the Classic Collection in early July 2020.

The five new Matte Pastel straw hole lids will be: Butterfly Pea (Blue), Taro (Lilac), Sakura (Pink), Honeydew (Mint Green) and Mango (although this colour is not 110% confirmed due to the low pre-orders. Photos are samples only and do not show the hole.

We hope you like our Pastel lid names - they are of course, based off the bubble tea theme ;)

In comparison to the shiny black and white lids KINOI currently has, the matte finish is harder to scratch and has a smooth feeling.

Customers are able to purchase the lids by itself, a bundle of 3, a bundle of 5, or with a BBT Set.

Although it is still to be confirmed, the official launch date is looking to be Wednesday, 8 June 2020.


Lots of Love


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