Introducing: KINOI Bamboo Bubble Tea Glass Cups

Launching Monday 26.10.20 8:00am AWST

It's been over one year since KINOI finally launched the Classic Collection in October 2019, so now it's time for another KINOI collection for bubble tea addicts.

KINOI is all about co-creating our products with the KINOI Community but we decided to quietly work all year behind the scenes, with your feedback in mind from the Classic Collection, to give you all the BEST surprise with this minimalistic Bamboo Bubble Tea Cup Collection.

We worked super hard, and we can't wait for you to decide whether this is a valuable purchase.

Do I suit the KINOI Bamboo Bubble Tea Glass Cup?

KINOI has been transparent and honest since day one, so let's see whether or not the Bamboo Collection suits you better than Classic Collection:


  • Bamboo Aesthetic - suits summer outfits, pastels, whites (anything really!)
  • Borosilicate Single Walled Glass - unlike our Classic Bubble Tea Cups where the glass is not completely crease or streak free, this new Bamboo Bubble Tea Cup is definitely smooth as can be!
  • Tall & Smaller Diameter - allows you to fit into any car holder
  • Bamboo Push Down Lid with silicone lining - minimises spill on the side
  • Straw Hole on the side - to help with drinking the pearls
  • High Quality Logo Printing - we finally have the capital to afford good quality logo printing! These logos should last forever unlike our Classic Collection cups, where the logo design can be easily scratched in dishwasher or you harshly scrub
  • Completely plastic free - unlike our Classic Cup hard plastic lids (though they are 110% easily recyclable)


  • No take away option - no extra lid with no hole or straw hole plug. The cup is design to drink on-the-go, but the silicone lining around the lid will 100% minimise splash
  • It is still not heat proof (got to wait till 2021) - we made a neoprene sleeve to help with the code, but unfortunately we don't like it as it is the wrong size. However, because we already ordered the stock, it will be a complimentary gift to every KINOI Bamboo Bubble Tea Glass cup order

Straw Difference

  • Colour Options: Rainbow, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Blue & Purple
  • More mouth room - We have customised a longer stainless steel boba straw 24.5cm instead of the standard 21.5cm to create more mouth room!
  • Do the current 21.5cm stainless steel straws fit - Yes, 
  • Stainless Steel colour options available: 
  • No glass straw this year

Any specials?

People who have subscribed from day one till Wednesday, 21 October 5:00pm AWST get 10% off all products from Bamboo Bubble Tea Collection for 48 hours only. If you have missed out, really apologise but do hop onto to get your Bamboo Bubble Tea Glass Cup!

Price: $45 (Cup & Straw)

Complimentary Gift: Bamboo Bubble Tea Cup Neoprene Sleeve (please note the quality is not very good)

Size: 700ml/Large with push down lid (we are not offering regular sizes as we only sold less than 200 of the Classic Regulars last year)

Any questions, please contact us on Facebook, Instagram or Emails and we will get back to you ASAP!

Hope you enjoy

Lots of Love,



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