(DISCOUNT CODE IN HERE) Cup alternatives for if you cannot afford a KINOI bubble tea cup!

Earth Week Series Tip 2 #byobubbleteacup #byoKINOI


From this weekend (Friday 29 April 12am) to Monday 2 May 11:59pm, we are having a storewide 20% OFF in commemoration of Earth Day, using the code "EARTH20".

However, if you cannot afford a "fancy" reusable bubble tea cup, there are definitely other alternatives. Sure they might not be as stylish, but they definitely help in reducing waste. 

1. Protein Shaker Bottle - from your kitchen (these can fit a LARGE bubble tea and 12mm straw)


2. Mason Jar/500ml jam jar - from your kitchen (these can fit a MEDIUM bubble tea)


3. Water bottle - from your kitchen (depending on your bottle size, they can fit MEDIUM or LARGE bubble tea)


Amazing hack, right? As long as we are all doing our part to reduce waste and saving the environment, it is a win for everyone! ♥

Lots of Love

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