5 Easy Ways to Save Money & Become Plastic Disposable Free

As you may or may not know, it is Plastic Free July, a month that calls out people to join in the challenge to be plastic disposable free.

Although late to the game, I would like to share 5 tricks I do all the time to not just save the environment - but also my dollars!

1. Pack your own lunchbox to work or school

Avoid the $10 - $20 lunch spendings and instead, bring your own lunchbox to work or school.

Simply cook a bigger dinner portion the night before, put the leftovers directly into a lunchbox after dinner (plus you can avoid using cling wrap), and chuck it into the fridge! Easy peasy!

The best bit? You aren't just saving your money - you also avoid buying take away sushi in plastic packs, or hot meals in plastic foam boxes! Woo!

2. Leave a set of cutlery in your bag

One bag essential everyone needs is a set of cutlery in their bag! 

If you know you use a plastic fork or spoon everyday, then why not bring a set of cutlery from the kitchen? 

The amount of compliments I get from bringing my own cutlery is endless, like "That is so smart" or "Why haven't I thought of that?". So try it! And you will feel so good.

So whether or not you bring your own lunch, just leave a set of cutlery in your bag and wrap it with a tissue once you finished using them. Ta-da.

3. Prepare only finger food at a party

I recently hosted a birthday party for 50+ guests and had a tight budget. So what I did to reduce the costs, was only provide finger food at the party, so that I did not have to buy endless plastic cutlery and plates.

It was the best!

So say goodbye to steak, chicken wings, salads, and rice meals which takes ages to prepare and clean.

Instead, take up on these finger food ideas, and only buy napkins:

  • Chicken nuggets
  • Cheese platter
  • Hummus and dips
  • Fruit - grapes, strawberries, blueberries
  • Spring rolls
  • Pastries - sausage rolls, curry puffs, meat pies
  • Skewers (try not to but sticks are better than plastic disposables any day!)

The best bit? Less rubbish (garbage) to take out!

4. Bring a water bottle everywhere and anywhere!

It still amazes me when I hear people buy disposable plastic water bottles in Australia.

We are so fortunate to live in a country where water is safe, accessible, and free.

And if you don't think it saves money, then think about it this way:

  • An average plastic disposable water bottle costs $2.50 each
  • Let's say you buy one at least each week of the year - that's around $130! 
  • Easily the same amount for a Kindle, concert ticket, or a return Bali trip flight ticket from Perth!

And if you buy one every business day of the year, that is easily around $600+. Imagine the money you can use instead, which is literally anything else! 

So you are welcome! Spend your money on better things, and refill your water bottle at any cafe, bar, or school drink fountain - it's good for you, and literally free everywhere!

5. Leave a tote bag in your backpack or hangbag

Everyone has a tote bag, whether it's from an expo, work function, university event, or school. So tuck your favourite tote bag in your backpack or handbag, and when you do last minute shopping at the grocery store, you can avoid buying the silly plastic bags.

The great news? You can save money and buy a coffee* (dine-in obviously) instead! Winning!

*I would say bubble tea but they all serve in plastic disposables :P

PS: The KINOI Classic Collection release date is coming soon...

Hope you are inspired to become plastic disposable free and to save money! Happy Plastic Free July!

Lots of Love,


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