21 Questions with our New Marketing Intern - Jess

This week we interviewed our new Marketing Intern, Jess! You would have seen her modelled for our photos before, so here are 21 Questions with the lovely Jess.

1. Name and your role at KINOI Collection?

Jess and I’m KINOI's new marketing intern! I will be working one day a week and helping with Digital Marketing, Content Creation, and Customer Experience.

2. Why did you want to join KINOI?

To learn more about entrepreneurship with the amazing Isabelle.

3. Fave piece from Kinoi?

The founder? 😉

Bamboo Collection Cup with Rose Gold Straw** **Only on special occasions because I’m a d a n g e r o u s  w o m a n (very clumsy)

4. What's your bubble tea order?

Passionfruit Green tea with Lychee Jelly. Or Thai Cheese Tornado at my fave Boba Boba.

5. What's your personality type? (MBTI)?


6. What are you currently consuming?

Book: The Alchemist (Paulo Coehlo), The Book of Awakening (Mark Nepo)

Podcast: Confucius’ Wisdom

Netflix: Bridgerton, Behind Her Eyes

Food: M&M’s Crispy 4eva

Music: Day by Day (Fiji Blue)

7. Favourite food?

Fruit and noodles (great combo)

8. Favourite drink?


9. Weird habit you have?

Smelling food before I eat it

10. Best advice/ life tips?

Learn to enjoy your own company

Practice mindfulness

Incorporate minimalism

Use less social media

Establish a good sleeping routine

11. Favourite ways to practice mindfulness?

JOURNALING, walk (leave phone at home), yoga, painting (I’m currently doing a paint-by-numbers of a peacock) and meditation.

12. How do you deal with stress?

Go outside for some air, light candles, have a bath. OR Instant mood booster: shower and wash hair 😊

13. Fave thing to do in your spare time?

Spending quality time with my loved one (me)

14. Eat in or eat out?

In. My friends and I have made Feta Pasta and Rabokki (amazing!!).

15. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Overseas on a bike, eating gelato.

16. Favourite destination?

Camping in Greater WA or Iceland

17. Something you're scared of?

Frogs *gag*

18. What's a sustainable product you recommend?

A KINOI bubble tea cup, solid deodorant and beeswax wraps (Goodbye annoying Cling wrap!)

19. What's a sustainable product you want to try?

Menstrual cup and silicon baking sheets. I also want to try DIY products (like this tea tree pimple gel!)

20. Sustainability tips?

Carry a reusable waterbottle everywhere. You will nourish both yourself and your planet.

Ask yourself: “Do I really NEED this” when shopping.

21. What inspires you?

My friends, family, myself, the environment :)

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