10 Signs You're Addicted to Bubble Tea (Boba)

Signs you are addicted to bubble tea (boba).. and should probably use a stylish reusable bbt cup!

Flavours: Taro Pearl Milk Tea (Left) and Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea (Right) 
Photo credit: By Tristen

1. You will drive to the other side of the city to try a bubble tea shop

2. Your go-to bubble tea shop recognises you, and probably remembers your order

3. Your friends only tag you in any bubble tea related memes or social media posts

4. You have a specific drink and topping you get from each bbt shop e.g. hokkaido pearl milk tea from one place, mango fruit tea from another, Oolong lychee cheese tea from.. the list goes on

5. Bubble tea shops become a tourist destination when you are travelling e.g. KOI cafe in Singapore, Little Fluffy Head in LA, HeyTea in China

6. It's common that you only leave the house for bubble tea.. guilty

7. You are the first person to always know about a new bubble tea shop opening

8. You and your friends have intense debates about which bubble tea shop is the best, and for which drink

9. You throw a tantrum to your partner or best friend if you don't get bubble tea

10. Your New Year's resolution was to "drink less bubble tea" and you immediately failed

And if you find that your rubbish bin is overfilled with empty bbt plastic cups and straws... then you definitely need to start using a stylish reusable bbt cup! Protein shakers or water bottles are a good start.

Lots of Love, KINOI xx


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