🛍️ Plastic Bag Alternatives


Learn to avoid needing a bag at all (carry them), prepare a reusable bag or RedCycle the plastic bag.

Story Time:

Growing up with Asian background, I remember my grandparents telling me "it's more convenient & easier with a bag - always ask for one".

And they were right in a sense... however, we asked for a plastic bag. Although we did keep & repurpose the plastic bag, usually for holding rubbish (trash), another problem came.

...The plastic bags piled up. We had way too many - and either hoard them in the pantry or had to be thrown into the red bin.

So what can we do to avoid plastic bags going into the red bin?
1. Carry the items you buy (practice a lifestyle with no bag)

2. If you do need bag because you hate carrying things, fair enough - prepare a canvas bag that you will LOVE using

3. If you do happen to accidentally get a plastic bag, don't automatically put it into the red bin. Collect all your soft plastics and the next time you go to Woolies/Coles, drop off your soft plastics at the RedCycle Stations (located at the entrance or check out stations).

Lots of Love
Issy & KINOI

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