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In 2019, KINOI launched in October with our first ever Classic Collection and sold 500 cups end of our first pop up.

Pastel lids and Bamboo Collection joined the store in 2020.

In 2021, we realised our current products could not scale our business in a true stylish & sustainable way.

We reached out to a lot of you in messenger to discuss the current problems with bubble tea cups.

We began to create a new design.

In 2022, the #NewKINOI design by Vert was finalised.

So now what? End of 2022, it's time to clear out our warehouse so we can prepare for the exciting #NewKINOI brand. Thank you for those who started our journey with us.

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Segundos de la tienda

Kinoi es una marca australiana.

Nuestra visión es crear un mundo de té de moda y sostenible, de ahora en adelante para siempre.