Paper cups are NOT recyclable!

Pet peeve.... when people say "I use a paper cup instead of plastic cup for the environment".

I like to think I don't get annoyed by most things but surely people know if you put real paper in water, the paper gets drenched right? Same with cardboard. Put a box in a pool and the thing will sink. Paper is NOT waterproof.

So why are paper CUPS waterproof? How can they carry coffee, drinks etc? 🤔

That's because they have PLASTIC LINING in them. 🚨

And are NOT recyclable as there is no way of separating the plastic and paper in waste sorting facilities.

And sorry (not sorry haha), but I still believe there is some greenwashing involved when paper cups have "eco friendly wax lining". What on earth is this wax made of? (...actually would be pretty cool if it's from repurposed compost)

I also don't think recycling programs for paper cups are sustainable either. The only industry who should use disposables is the health industry.

So what's my solution and perspective?

We should be responsible for our OWN waste - just like how Japan has no large public waste bins/garbage cans to force residents adopt disciplined waste disposal methods.

Let's bring our OWN cups, containers & cutlery for take away. If we are to use disposable, be responsible for where it ends.

100% paper-based materials (e.g. cardboard trays, paper bags) can be thrown into compost bins. Anything larger than your palm can go into yellow bin (like pizza boxes).

100% based plastic cups can be thrown into yellow bins.

If you read till the end, please comment or ask q's 🌻 so I can appreciate you haha ~

Lots of Love
Issy & KINOI

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