Where To Get Bubble Tea Discounts in Perth

#GETBBTPLASTICFREE by KINOI is an initiative to encourage local and chain bubble tea stores to accept and/or provide incentives for bubble tea drinkers to use KINOI or any form of reusable cup.

This Taiwanese drink began getting popular in the 80s and Australia is just starting to catch up. However, the drink was designed to be served in a disposable plastic cup, lid and straw - increasing Australia's landfill more than ever.

In Perth alone, at least 4 million tonnes of bubble tea plastic are thrown away - the same amount that can fill the shores of Cottesloe Beach or Optus Stadium located in Perth. That is a lot of unnecessary plastic, especially for those of us who drink bubble tea like it's water or coffee.

However, #GETBBTPLASTICFREE is a campaign by KINOI which encourages bubble tea stores to accept or provide a monetary incentive for reusable cups - in any shape, form or size.

Although many stores accept KINOI or other forms of reusable cups, only a selected few have actually offered 10% discount or more.

Here are the best bubble tea places for KINOI Glass BBT Cup discounts:


Various Locations

Utopia is absolutely incredible with taking initiative and being part of #getbbtplasticfree. They have their own marketing go green campaigns to encourage customers to reduce and reuse, and have been supportive of KINOI since day one. 

If you bring any reusable cup, Utopia offers you 50 cents off drinks.

We recommend their purple taro milk tea and their honeydew milk tea.

Tea Macchiato

Hay St and Carousel

Having recently held KINOI's first #bbtparty pop up in October, TeaMacchiato have also been very supportive of KINOI and our #getbbtplasticfree initiative since day one.

When you bring your protein shaker, waterbottle or KINOI Glass BBT Cup, you will get 10% off at any Tea Macchiato store.

We reckon their original milk tea is one of the most authentic in Perth, so we definitely recommend! They are also well known for their fruit teas.

Bon Bon Cha

Barrack St

Bon Bon Cha has just recently opened in October and everyone is absolutely obsessed with their premium mango milk tea. Bon Bon Cha is a full supporter of #getbbtplasticfree and they will become one of the KINOI Perth pick up locations.

Their store is absolutely Instagram-able with a beautiful grass backdrop.

So definitely bring your KINOI Glass BBT Cup for 10% off, and take a pic while you are there!



Teamorrow is always introducing new flavours so if you are one who likes to change it up, then definitely check it out in Northbridge. We believe they create some of the prettiest drinks, especially with their fancy cream cheese ranges.

Bring your KINOI and they will give you 20 cents off!

PS: They also offer soy milk options for anyone who is lactose intolerant.


Barrack St

Honey Creme offers milk tea and fruit tea from locally sourced ingredients. If you like to amp up your bubble tea game, they not only offer brown sugar milk tea, but also bobo oreo milk tea and strawberry milk tea too.

They offer 10% off if you bring your KINOI Glass BBT Cup, so reduce waste and save your money - so you can buy even more bubble tea!

Want to get your own KINOI BBT Classic Set? Here's where to get one yourself.

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