KINOI Packaging Update | Let's Reduce Waste!

What does everyone think of packaging? Important? Wasteful? ❌

At KINOI, we are in the process of finalising all back end stuff, and this includes packaging!

We want to get everyone’s thoughts because honestly, even though packaging IS important as it's part of the branding that indicates “trust” and “legitimacy” - we know most of the time, we all throw the boxes away 😕

From the business perspective, packaging isn’t just wasteful - it’s expensive!! Even worse if it’s a custom made box, print and colour. The worst is when there is plastic bags involved, affecting the sustainability aspect of a business.

Instead, we rather make it absolutely plastic disposable free and give everyone a free KINOI Drink Tote Bag as the "packaging" with every cup purchase. What are your thoughts? That way at least you can REUSE the bag, and it’s super minimalistic and cute!

The only box you would need to throw away, recycle or repurpose would be the shipping box for delivery. 

So what do you say? Let's reduce waste and be as eco-friendly as possible. Comment your thoughts, or even message us!

If you think yes to packaging though, please let us know why and we will try do something about it.

Lots of Love,


#getbbtplasticfree #mykinoi

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