How To Create Your Own Reusable BBT Cup

Learn how to create your own reusable bbt cup at home! The best bit? You don't need to spend a dollar.

Australia, we know you are all about saving the turtles so if you aren't too concerned with style or don't have the budget for a KINOI Glass BBT Cup - then this blog is perfect for you!

Now the biggest problem with bubble tea is the size - at home, our mugs and coffee cups are often only 12oz (~350ml) which doesn't even fit the regular bubble tea size at 16oz (500ml).

The biggest challenge of all is trying to find a bottle that fits the large bubble tea size at 24oz (700ml). But don't worry - here are five reusable cup ideas you can use from home to drink bubble tea!

1. Protein Shaker Bottles

Image: KINOI Facebook Album from KINOI Perth Pop Up 13.10.19

These protein shaker bottles are huge and fit the large bubble tea size. It is usually bought with your favourite protein powder or included in your blending machine. The best bit? Their lids are 100% leak proof and the mouth hole is big enough to fit your KINOI Glass BBT Straw.

In the above photo, we have an incredible KINOI Community bubble tea drinker who brought their protein/smoothie bottle to the KINOI Perth Pop Up 13.10.19.

2. Mason Jars (16oz/500ml) (Regular)

Image: Vermont Pretzel 

Ignoring the obvious single-use straw, many of us (especially girls) have gone through a smoothie phase and have acquired one of these mason jars with handles. They usually come with a tin lid (which is where we, KINOI got our seal proof lid idea from) - so after you finish your bubble tea, you can seal the cup to stop the left over dribble.

If you own a bubble tea shop - you should definitely use these as a dine in option!

3. Water Bottles (16oz/500ml & 24oz/700ml) (Reg & Large)

Image: KINOI Facebook Album from KINOI Perth Pop Up 13.10.19

Now this is absolutely no excuse. Everyone has a waterbottle - whether it's an ugly one you get for free at an expo, or a pretty cool stainless steel bottle. Waterbottles, on average, can hold up to 500ml which is perfect for your regular bbt. Otherwise, why not attempt your 1L waterbottle and see if the bubble tea stores will pour you extra!

In the above photo, we have a photo of another amazing KINOI Community bubble tea drinker who brought their glass waterbottle to the KINOI Perth Pop Up 13.10.19.

4. Beer Glass (16oz/500ml) (Regular)

Image: Our Naked Australia

Not our best idea, but still an idea. Surely you know someone, or a relative who has a big beer obsession. The pint glass size a bit more than your regular bbt size. Only bad thing is no lid option - but that's okay, because you will probably drink it on the spot anyway!

5. Coffee Cup (16oz/500ml) (Regular)

Image: KINOI Facebook Album from KINOI Perth Pop Up 13.10.19
Finally if you are a huge coffee drinker, you probably already bought a 16oz coffee cup, which fits the regular bbt. Unfortunately the cup itself isn't clear, and the lids don't often fit the bubble tea straw - so you would have to drink it open.
One of our KINOI babes, Jasmyn (left), using a 16oz coffee cup to drink regular bubble tea! We love you!
Reusable Straw
Image: KINOI BBT Straw Kit
And there you have it - five ways you can create a reusable bbt cup at home from your cupboards. All that's missing is the reusable bbt straw!

If you already have one, then absolutely brilliant! Even better if you don't need one. Otherwise, head over to the KINOI Shop for a KINOI BBT Straw Kit (including cleaner brush and drawstring bag) at $10.



There are five stainless steel colours to choose from: rose gold, silver, gold, black and rainbow. You can even get a KINOI BBT Straw Kit - Set of 2 at a value of $17.50.



Image: KINOI Drink Tote Bag

We hope you don't ask for a single-use plastic bag, or reject it when it's offered. Plastic bags are the worst because it's not recyclable and gets blown away into the ocean. It just increases land fill! However, if you are one of those people who just cannot be bothered holding things, then fair - the KINOI Drink Tote Bag for $15 is perfect for you! It's small, minimalistic, and can protect your bubble tea drink or bottle.

Hope this helps! Reusing stuff you have at home means you reduce landfill and repurpose items. Get creative, save and most importantly - reduce waste.


Lots of Love,


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